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School policies

Here you will find a range of policies and guidelines which aim to clarify to staff, governors and parents how specific systems are monitored and managed throughout the school.

Some policies are currently under review to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018. 

Acceptable Use (e-Safeguarding) Policies

These policies are intended to ensure parents and carers are aware of the importance of e-Safeguarding and are involved in the education and guidance of children with regard to their online behaviour.

Read our acceptable use policy for children

Read our acceptable use policy for parents and carers

Accessibility policy

At Someries Infant and Nursery School we work hard to ensure that our ethos is such that, whatever the abilities and needs of members of our school community, everyone is equally valued and treated with respect. We provide all pupils with the opportunity to experience, understand and value diversity.

This accessibility policy and associated plan are drawn up in compliance with current legislation and requirements as specified in Schedule 10, relating to Disability, of the Equality Act 2010. School Governors are accountable for ensuring the implementation, review and reporting on progress of the accessibility plan over a prescribed period.

Read our accessibility policy

Assemblies and Acts of Collective Worship

Someries Infant and Nursery School is a community school. Assemblies and acts of collective worship are therefore important parts of the school day as they give us the opportunity to come together as a community. Assemblies and acts of collective worship are attended by all pupils, staff and any visitors in school are very welcome to join in.

At Someries Infant and Nursery School we recognise that assemblies and acts of collective worship are important times to provide opportunities for our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Read our policy for assemblies and acts of collective worship


This policy and guidelines outlines assessment procedures throughout the school.

Read our assessment policy


Someries Infant School aims to maximise attendance rates and secure high levels of punctuality in order to ensure that all pupils are able to take full advantage of the learning experiences available to them. 

This policy outlines how the school monitors and manages attendance.

Read our attendance policy

Behaviour management and anti-bullying

At Someries Infant and Nursery School we seek to promote positive behaviour based on mutual respect between all members of our school community. The ethos of our school, together with the planning of our broad curriculum, promote the attitudes and values necessary for individual children to contribute positively to their own personal development and so that of the school.

Our behaviour and anti-bullying policy and guidelines uses the ten key aspects of school practice identified in the Department for Education's guidance document ‘Behaviour and discipline in schools’

Read our governing body's behaviour principles written statement

Read our behaviour and anti-bullying policy


This Policy and Guidelines outlines the end of year calculation expectations for each year group in each of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and contains the key representational and written procedures that will be taught within the school.

Read our calculation policy

Complaints procedure
The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 establishes a duty on the governing body to establish and publicise procedures for dealing with complaints relating to the school, other than those that are covered by legislation and formal procedures elsewhere. Our complaints procedure statement outlines how we deal with complaints relating to the school.

Read our complaints procedure statement

Charging and Remissions

This document clarifies Someries Infant and Nursery School’s policy on charging and remissions as included in the Education Act 1996, section 457.

Read our charging and remissions policy

Copyrighted material
This policy outlines procedures for using copyrighted material within the school.

Read our copyright policy

This policy is currently under review to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018. 

Curriculum, teaching and learning

This policy outlines the school's approach to teaching, learning and curriculum provision

Read our curriculum, teaching and learning policy

Data protection

This Policy and Guidelines is intended to ensure the safety and security of any material of a personal or sensitive nature we collect and store.

Read our data protection policy

This policy will be reviewed and updated if necessary when the Data Protection Bill receives royal assent and becomes law (as the Data Protection Act 2018) – if any changes are made to the Bill that affect our school’s practice. Otherwise, or from then on, this policy will be reviewed every 2 years and shared with the full governing board.


This policy is intended to ensure that all children are able to use the internet appropriately and safely.

Further information relating to e-Safeguarding at Someries Infant and Nursery School can be found by visiting the e-safety area of our website.

Read our e-safeguarding policy

Early years foundation stage
In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we believe that all children are entitled to the best possible start in their school life, both intellectually and emotionally, in order to enable them to develop their full potential. This policy outlines our approach to learning within the early years foundation stage.

Read our early years foundation stage policy

Exclusions policy

Our school aims to ensure that the exclusions process is applied fairly and consistently.

This policy aims to ensure that the exclusions process is understood by governors, staff, parents, carers and pupils and that pupils in school are safe and happy and pupils do not become NEET (not in education, employment or training).

This policy is based on statutory guidance from the Department for Education.

Click here to read our exclusions policy

Freedom of information

Someries Infant and Nursery School (the School) is committed to transparency in its dealings with the public and fully embraces the aims of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the access provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.  The School will make every effort to meet its obligations under the respective legislation and will regularly review procedures to ensure that it is doing so.

Read our freedom of information policy

This policy is currently under review to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018. 

Health and safety
This is a statement of Organisation and Arrangements (Code of Practice) for Someries Infant and Nursery School. This does not replace Luton Borough Council’s safety policy or the Children and Learning Department’s safety policy, but is in addition to it for the benefit of teaching and non-teaching staff and pupils, parents, visitors, contractors and all those on school sites.

Read our health and safety policy

Home-school agreement

Parents and Carers are a child’s first educators. They are the adults who have taught their children how to walk, talk and dress themselves. At Someries Infant and Nursery School, we believe that children will learn best if parents and carers know, understand and are in agreement with the aims of our school. This agreement is to help the school and parents and carers to work in partnership in order to support children’s learning.

Read our home-school agreement

Homework is an important part of a child's education, and can add much to a child's development.

We see homework as an important example of cooperation between teachers and parents and carers. One of the aims of our school is for children to develop as independent learners, and we believe that doing homework is one of the main ways in which children can acquire the skill of independent learning.

Homework plays a positive role in raising a child's level of attainment. However, we also acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child's growth and development. While homework is important, it should not prevent children from taking part in the activities of various out-of-school clubs and of other organisations that play an important part in the lives of our pupils. We are well aware that children spend more time at home than at school, and we believe that they develop their interests and skills to the full only when parents and carers encourage them to make maximum use of the opportunities available outside school.

Click here to read our homework policy

Inclusion policy

We believe that every child is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, appropriate to their needs. It is recognised that all children may, at some time during their education, have specific needs which we, working in partnership with parents and carers, will endeavour to meet. This policy identifies how we work with children with special educational needs and disabilities.

This document reflects current practice within the school.

Our governors and staff are committed to the principle of inclusion in the Revised Special Education Needs (SEN) Code of Practice. We value all children and work together to help them recognise and develop their strengths.

Read our inclusion policy

Packed lunches (brought in from home)

This policy and guidelines aims to ensure that packed lunches (brought in from home) reflect the new standards for school meals.

Read our packed lunch (brought in from home) policy


At Someries Infant and Nursery School we are determined that every child will learn to read by the age of six. As a school we aim to develop in children a love of reading, to provide systematic phonics teaching that enables children to read rapidly and to give children opportunities to apply what they have learned across the curriculum.

Read our phonics policy

Privacy Notice

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, it is our duty to advise parents and carers of pupils attending our school about the information we collect relating to their child, in both paper and electronic formats.

Our privacy notice provides you with this information.

Read our privacy notice

Our privacy notice has now been reviewed to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018. 

Preventing extremism and radicalisation strategy

We take seriously our duty contained in the Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015), to prevent pupils and those working in school from being radicalised or drawn into extremism. We follow the advice contained within the Prevent Duty (June 2015) in conjunction with the other duties, which we already have for keeping children safe in school.

Click here to read our preventing extremism and radicalisation strategy

Relationships and sex education
At Someries Infant and Nursery School we believe that relationships and sex education in our school is developmental and a foundation for the further learning our pupils will be involved in at junior and secondary school. Relationships and sex education is firmly rooted in the school’s teaching of PSHCE and science and is essential if young people are to make responsible and well-informed decisions about their lives.

Relationships and sex education is delivered within the early years foundation stage framework and national curriculum programmes of study.

Read our sex and relationship education policy


The purpose of Someries Infant and Nursery School’s safeguarding policy and guidelines is to ensure that procedures are in place so that every child who attends our school is and feels safe and protected.

Read our safeguarding policy

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) (incorporating fundamental British values)

At Someries Infant and Nursery School we recognise that the personal development of children – spiritually, morally, socially and culturally (SMSC) – plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. We therefore aim to provide a broad and balanced education that provides children with inherent opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, their own spiritual awareness, their own high expectations of personal behaviour, a positive, caring attitude towards other people, an understanding of their social and cultural traditions and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of their cultures.

As a school, we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs as part of our provision of SMSC.

Read our policy for children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) (incorporating fundamental British values)

Values-based Education

Someries Infant and Nursery School is a values-based school where every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to our school community. Values-based education at our school supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every pupil throughout the school. Our staff and pupils are involved in promoting values and recognising where others are ‘living the values’. Our values have been selected as those which are important within our school community and which will prove important throughout life.

Read our policy and guidelines for values-based education