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Our School Parliament is a group of pupils who have been elected by their classmates to represent the views of all pupils at Someries Infant School and help improve our school.

Our members of school parliament
Our School Parliament will be elected by the peers during our General Election in October 2019.
Class Members of School Parliament
Christopher Columbus To be elected To be elected
Amelia Earhart To be elected To be elected
Beatrix Potter To be elected To be elected
C. S. Lewis To be elected To be elected
Jane Goodall To be elected To be elected
Thomas Edison To be elected To be elected
Our General Elections
Every October, we hold a General Election in school in which our pupils vote to elect our new School Parliament. Our School Hall is transformed into a polling station in which our pupils cast their vote at real polling booths and post it in a real ballot box! All pupils take their votes very seriously and live our value of responsibility very well.
UK Parliament Week

To celebrate UK Parliament Week, Someries Infant School hosted a range of events to promote our country's democratic values and processes.

Our pupils engaged in class discussions about democratic values and the roles and responsibilities of the Houses of Parliament.
Additionally, our School Parliament have been thinking of ways we can help our local community and, as a result of these discussions, the whole school voted on a charity which we can support. As a result of the vote, the school has decided to support the charity ‘Happy Days’ which is based in Luton and raises money to help vulnerable children and those with additional needs. Our School Parliament and our pupils will now think of a variety of fundraising ideas so we can support this charity and raise money for a good cause.
On Thursday 15th November 2018, the school welcomed Baroness Young of Old Scone. The Baroness visited our school and led a whole-school assembly on the roles of the Houses of Parliament in our lives. This engaging talk provided the children with vital information about democracy in a fun and informative way. The children were able to ask the Baroness questions after the assembly.
School Parliament also had a short meeting with the Baroness afterwards and they discussed the work of our School Parliament.
Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this engaging visit and the opportunity to talk to a member of the House of Lords and learn about the Houses of Parliament.
Fundraising initiatives