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Parents' Information
Admission to our nursery

Children are admitted to our nursery in the September, January or April after their third birthday. 

All admissions to our nursery are managed by the school and we must emphasise that a place in our nursery does not necessarily guarantee a place in one of our reception classes.

Nursery waiting List

Parents or carers may place their child on our nursery waiting list by using the link below.

Click here to apply for a nursery place

Admission to our school

The admission process for securing a place in one of our reception classes usually starts as early as the October in the year before your child starts school. 

All admissions to and between community schools within the Local Authority are administered centrally by the Luton Council's Admissions Team. Parents wanting to apply for a place in the school for their children should complete all relevant documentation and return it to the Luton Council.

Alternatively, you can apply for a school place online (information relating to this can be found using the links below). 

Children are admitted to one of our Reception classes in the September after their fourth birthday. A meeting will be held for parents where you will have the opportunity to meet your child's new class teacher. At a later date, your child has the opportunity to spend the morning in their new class before they begin school.

When children begin school in September, they attend for half a day for the first two weeks. This gives them a chance to learn new routines and provides their teacher with the opportunity to give them the attention they require at this early stage in their education. It also provides an opportunity to introduce your child to school lunches.

Our admission number for Reception is 60 pupils per year and 200 applications were received for a September 2017 school place.

If your child is successful in gaining a place at our school, you will need to complete our New Intake Booklet in full. This can be downloaded using the link below.

Download our New Intake Booklet

Further Information

Please use the links below to view full details of our Local Authority's admission arrangements.