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At Someries Infant School, we operate a House system in which pupils are grouped into four House teams.

Every child and member of teaching and learning staff are allocated to one of our four houses. Each child is placed in a house on entry to school and will remain a member of this team throughout their time at our school. Siblings will be placed in the same House team.

Teaching and learning staff also belong to a house and they encourage and support pupils in positive team building through the house system. 

House Teams
Each of our House Teams are named after a castle in each of the British Isles. The theme of castles was decided by our pupils through the work of our School Parliament. It is also fitting that our school is named after a local castle - Someries Castle.
Dover House Stirling House Audley's House Pembroke House


House points

House Points can be awarded by all staff to pupils for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • polite, well-mannered behaviour
  • demonstrating a caring attitude towards peers
  • showing a commitment to living our values
  • working to the best of their ability
  • good attendance or punctuality
  • putting special effort into a piece of work
  • being entered in our Golden Book of Learning
  • neatly presented work
  • having a positive attitude towards work
  • sporting achievement
  • taking part in competitions and events
  • helpful approaches to different situations

House Champions

At the end of each half term, House Champions are announced. The winning house are awarded their ribbons on our House Cup.

This system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement for pupils by fostering a community spirit and giving pupils an opportunity to contribute to something bigger, which involves pupils from all year groups.

The focus is on intrinsic merit and not about winning an extrinsic prize or special event.