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Everything you need to know when your child is offered a place at Someries Infant School

If your child is offered a place in our nursery class, one of our reception classes or joins us from another school throughout the academic year, you will need to complete the relevant new intake booklet:

Parent and carer handbook

Nursery new intake booklet

School new intake booklet

You may also find our induction booklets a useful starting point:

Nursery induction booklet

Reception induction booklet

Home-school agreement

Flying Start transition resources

Below are a range of useful resources and links to websites where you can find helpful information in addition to the leaflet which you will receive when you get your letter informing you of your child’s new school, from the school admissions team.

Parent's guide to school readiness

Flying Start's parent transition resources page


Full details of our school uniform requirements can be found here.